Benefit of smart toilet

Hip wash function

1. 1Nozzle

1. 2Nozzle

Wash your family with warm water gently and neatly

Great and comfortable for sensitive skin

Portrait Of Multi Generation Family

Let less mobility take care of themselves without relying on others

Hygienic wash with pressing one button

2. disabled people

Let aged people take care of themselves without relying on children or nursing assistant

3. aged people

Let children clean themselves since young age

4 Children

Intensively massage with powerful water to improve bowel movement

5. 1haemorrhoids

Enhances blood circulation and release muscle to prevent anus and intestinal ailments

5. 2Enhances blood circulation

Lady wash function


Reduce chances of disease infection and invading germs during gestation

6. 1Pregnant woman

Effectively and conveniently hygienic during menstruation

6. 2menstruation

Alleviates undermined gastrointestinal function, muscle contraction and constipation after childbirth

7. childbirth

Is this grace?

8. 1Bidet

Or use intelligent toilet?

8. 2Bidet

8. 3bidet

Movable drying

9. 1Movable drying 9. 2Movable drying

No need to use toilet paper, save more trees and prevent pollution

9. Save trees

Avoid possibility of bacterial infection

9. virus

Seat heating function

No need to afraid of the freezing cold seat in winter

10. Seat heating

Remove odor and maintain the freshness in the bathroom with the built-in bamboo charcoal deodorizer

11. bamboo charcoal deodorizer

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