New generation buildin low water tank zero water pressure smart toilet 5011

  • Function: Rear wash/ Front wash/ Turbo wash/ Drying/ Auto/ Night light
  • Voltage: AC110-130 / AC220-240V 50Hz/60Hz optional
  • Water supply : Direct connect to the water pipe
  • Warm washing: 4 level adjustable: room temperature / 35 ℃ / 38 ℃ / 40 ℃
  • Warm air dryer: 4 level adjustable: room temperature / 35 ℃/ 40 ℃/ 45 ℃
  • Warm seat: 4 level adjustable: room temperature / 30 ℃/ 35 ℃/ 40 ℃
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: TT, LC, DP
  • Product Detail

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    Specification Function description
    Voltage  AC110-130 / AC220-240V  50Hz/60Hz optional Seat heated and temparature adjusted
    water supply Direct connect to the water pipe Water heated and temparature adjusted
    Water pressure 0.08-0.75 Mpa/ 0.8-7.5 bar/ 11-110 psi Movable massage -moving spraying (back and forth);
    Warm washing Water pressure control adjustable Warm air drying and air temperature adjustment;
    Temperature control (4 level, room temperature / 33°C/ 37°C/ 40°C adjustable) Self cleaning nozzle
    Wash Heater power : 1000W/ 1600W Water flushing strength adjustable
    Tank capacity: 1L Water pressure adjustable
    Warm air dryer Power : 200W/ 200W Built-in automatic body sensor;
    Temperature control (4 level, room temperature / 35°C/ 40°C/ 45°C adjustable) Thermostat installed
    Warm seat Power : 40W/ 40W Both bidet  lid and seat have dampiing buffer (Close softly and silently )
    Soft-closing lid design Bamboo charcoal deodorization to aborb the ordor
    Temperature control   ( 4 level, room temperature / 30°C/ 35°C/ 40oC  adjustable ) Intelligent power saving mode
    Power cord length 1.5m Multi-safeguards
    Safety device Floating switch, temperature sensor, temprature fuse, earth leakage protection Female wash (bidet)
    Flushing Method Syphon Flushing for floor drain Posterior wash
    Flushing volumn 4.8L/1.28 gallons for solid Pressurized flush to help defecation
    Rough-in 300mm/400mm / 12"/16" Child auto wash program
    Weight N.W.: 52 kgs         G.W.: 58kgs Auto rear wash program
    size 698*528*415mm Intelligent remote control
    packing One PC in one Carton (L762*W475*H605mm) Stainless steel nozzle
    container       loading qty 108pc/20FT   219pc/40FT  292pc/40HQ Buildin low water tank design
    Color White Automatic / Remote control / No electricity  -3 types flushing
    Certificate CE,CB,SAA,Inmetro,Watermark,CSA Aerated Spray wash
    Auto open and close cover and seat ring
    Foam shield

    DSC_7540 DSC_7543 DSC_7544 DSC_7547

    1. Build-in low water tank_副本

    Revolutionary build-in low water tank technology assures the perfect flushing performance and there is no water pressure requirement at the same time.2. Auto open function_副本

    Inductive open cover automatically, no need to open the cover by hand.3. Foam shield-1_副本

    3. Foam shield-2_副本

    1. Still trouble with “poop splash”? We got the solution now!

    Next-generation technology “FOAM SHIELD”, the toilet can produce a layer of foam in the toilet bowl, the foam will catch the poop softly before touching the water. No splashback anymore!

    After poop dropped into water, the foam will close automatically, can seal the odor completely.

    The foam also can be used to clean the toilet.

    4. Nozzle

    New generation curved nozzle gives you a more comfortable feeling when washing.5. Rear wash_副本

    Rear wash, water pressure, water temperature, and nozzle position can be adjusted.

    6. Front wash_副本

    Front wash for ladies especially, more hygiene and health after urinating and during period. Water pressure, water temperature and nozzle position can be adjusted.

     7. Heated seat_副本

    Heated seat with adjustable temperature. No need to stand cold seat in winter.

    8. Dryer-0016_副本

    Warm air dryer, no need to use paper anymore! More hygiene and comfortable for your skin, save forest at the same time.9. Auto flush_副本

    Auto flush when left, forgot to flush will never be a problem anymore.10. Auto close_副本

    Auto close cover function, finish, leave, done. Same your time every time and every day.

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